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BUMBA boo philosophy
Comfort, style and quality. When we create our products, we think first of all about pet comfort. After all, most of the time they become full-fledged family members, so their lifestyle, emotional state and health come to the forefront of all our developments. At the same time, it is important that the life of a new family member is harmoniously integrated into the life of modern owners, for whom the beauty, cosiness and style of the space around is also an essential attribute. That's why we base our product development on 3 main indicators: the comfort of the animal, the aesthetic perception of the owners and the high quality level of the products.
We have our own large production facilities, so we fully control the quality of our products. We monitor all stages of product development, from selection and testing of the highest quality and durable materials, which can be used for years, to reliable delivery of goods around the world. We only use durable fabrics that can withstand the claws of pets, are protected from dirt and are easily washed. Our production is located in Siberia, and we are happy to be part of a program to develop the Russian regions. Our head office is located in Moscow and we are planning to launch two international sales outlets in Madrid and Los Angeles in the near future.
Wherever you are, you can always purchase Bumba Boo products. Our customers live in Russia, Europe, the USA and Australia. We have any payment methods available.
Worldwide Delivery
All goods are always in stock, and we replenish the balances in time, so delivery in Moscow will take no more than 1 day. Delivery within Russia depending on the distance of the city from Moscow - from 3 to 15 days. Delivery around the world - up to 30 days.
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