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Individual Entrepreneur Senchenko Ekaterina Konstantinovna, acting on the basis of the certificate of state registration of individuals as an individual entrepreneur with the main registration number 312774618500837 from 03.07.2012 which are used in connection with GOODS, represented by WWW.BUMBABOO.COM online store (further the SELLER). IE "Senchenko Ekaterina Konstantinovna " publishes the present terms & conditions which are the public offer agreement between her and both - physical and legal entities (further the BUYER):


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Article 1. Subject of the public offer agreement.

1.1. The SELLER undertakes to transfer to the possession to the BUYER, and the BUYER undertakes to pay and accept the goods ordered in WWW.BUMBABOO.COM online store (further GOODS).

Article 2. Moment of the conclusion of the contract.

2.1. The text of this Contract is the public offer (according to article 435 and part 2 of article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

2.2. The fact of ORDER execution by the SELLER as independently, and through the operator, is unconditional adoption of this Contract, and the BUYER is considered as the person who has entered with IE " Senchenko Ekaterina Konstantinovna " the contractual relations.

2.3. The ORDER execution and calculation is carried out by the order by the BUYER in WWW. BUMBABOO.COM online store.

Article 3. Characteristics of GOODS.

3.1. Due to the different technical characteristics of monitors, color of GOODS can differ from presented on the website.

3.2. Characteristics and appearance of GOODS can differ from described on the website.

Article 4. PRICES.

4.1. The prices in online store are specified in currency of the buyer's country for a commodity unit.

4.2. Tariffs for rendering services in delivery are specified in online store each GOODS depending on his characteristic.

Article 5. Payment of GOODS.

5.1. At a non-cash form of payment the obligation of the BUYER for payment of the price of GOODS is considered executed from the moment of transfer of the corresponding money of 100% (hundred percent) of an advance payment for the settlement account of the SELLER on the requisites specified in item 13 (Requisites of shop) of the present AGREEMENT.

5.2. GOODS are delivered to the BUYER at the prices, the name, in quantity, the corresponding account, paid by the BUYER.

Article 6. Delivery of GOODS.

6.1. Shipping of GOODS by the courier to the BUYER is carried out to the address and in the terms coordinated by the BUYER and the manager of the SELLER at execution of the ORDER.

6.2. Absence of the BUYER or not commission of other necessary actions for acceptance of GOODS can be considered by the SELLER as refusal of the BUYER of performance of the CONTRACT.


7.1. The warranty period for GOODS is established by the producer. Guarantee period on GOODS: 30 calendar days from the moment of receiving goods.

Article 8. Rights and obligations of the parties.

8.1. The SELLER promises:

8.1.1. Not to disclose any private information of the BUYER and not to provide access to this information to the third parties, except for the cases provided by the Russian legislation.

If you choose to visit the Sites, your visit and any dispute over privacy is subject to this notice. The data protection and other laws of other countries might not be as comprehensive as those in your country, but please be assured that we take steps to ensure that your privacy is protected.

8.1.2. To give the BUYER an opportunity of receiving free telephone consultations by phones specified on the website of shop (WWW. BUMBABOO.COM). The consultation is limited only with specific questions related to order execution.

8.1.3. The SELLER reserves the right to change the present CONTRACT unilaterally until his conclusion.

8.2. The BUYER promises:

8.2.1. Until the conclusion of the CONTRACT to study contents of the contract offer, terms of payment and deliveries on the website of store (WWW. BUMBABOO.COM).

8.2.2. To provide reliable information about him/her-self (a full name, contact phones, the e-mail address) and requisites for delivery of GOODS.

8.2.3. To accept and pay GOODS in the terms specified in the present CONTRACT.

Article 9. Responsibility of the parties and settlement of disputes.

9.1. The parties bear responsibility for non-execution or inadequate performance of the present CONTRACT in the order provided by the present CONTRACT and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

9.2. The seller doesn't bear responsibility for delivery of the ORDER if the BUYER has specified the wrong address of delivery.

9.3. The SELLER doesn't bear responsibility if expectations of the BUYER about consumer properties of GOODS weren't justified.

9.4. The SELLER doesn't bear responsibility for partial or full non-execution of obligations for delivery of GOODS if they are a consequence of force majeur circumstances.

9.5. The BUYER, making out the ORDER, bears responsibility for reliability of the provided information on himself, and also confirms that he is acquainted and agrees with conditions of the present CONTRACT.

9.6. All disputes and disagreements arising at execution by the PARTIES of obligations under the present Contract are solved by negotiations. In case of impossibility of their elimination, the PARTY have the right to address for judicial protection of the interests.

Article 10. Return and exchange of goods.

10.1. The requirement of the BUYER about exchange or about return of GOODS is subject to satisfaction if the GOODS weren't in the use, its consumer properties are kept, it is kept and packing isn't broken, the documents confirming the fact of purchase of these GOODS in WWW. BUMBABOO.COM online store are kept.

10.2. The term of such requirement makes 14 (fourteen) days after the date of transmission of GOODS to the BUYER.

10.3. The BUYER compensates to the SELLER the necessary transportation costs incurred in connection with the organization of exchange or return of GOODS.

Article 11. Force majeur circumstances.

11.1. The parties are exempted from liability for non-execution or inadequate performance of obligations under the Contract for time of force majeure. Force majeure is understood as the circumstances extraordinary and insuperable under existing conditions interfering execution of the obligations by the PARTIES under the present Contract. The spontaneous phenomena (earthquakes, floods, etc.), circumstances of public life (military operations, states of emergency, the largest strikes, epidemics, etc.), prohibitive measures of public authorities (prohibition of transportations, currency restrictions, the international sanctions of the ban on trade, etc.) concern to them. During this time of the PARTY have no mutual claims, and each of the PARTIES assumes the risk of a consequence of force majeur circumstances.

Article 12. Period of validity of the contract.

12.1. The present CONTRACT comes into force from the moment of the appeal to IE Senchenko Ekaterina Konstantinovna and execution of the ORDER, and comes to an end at full performance of obligations by the PARTIES.

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